Pickled Meat (How to Make Corned Meat)

Pickled meat or corned beef

I started to make my own pickled meat or corned meat when I couldn’t get the beef ribs in Manila that were corned. I would buy the imported beef ribs and do it on my own which took a long time because you had to corn it over several days; but the result was just so different from the regular beef ribs; the corning gave it that certain twist. And…

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Corn and Crab Soup - featured image v2

Corn Crab Soup

If you think about it, so much of our fond memories revolve around food. When I was in my teens, my family loved to celebrate in Chinese restaurants. My…

Adobong Balut

Adobong Balut

Balut! Penoy! Balut! The ‘balut’ vendor heralds the dawn. Mind you, it’s not only in the Philippines that boiled duck embryo is found and savoured; the Vietnamese also favors…